Like most stimulants, Cocaine can heighten activity in the body, including heart rate, blood pressure, alertness, and energy. The most commonly used form of the drug is a white powder which is found in the leaves of the Erythroxylon Coca plant, which has been used in South America for hundreds of years.

First introduced in the United States in the 1880s as a surgical anesthetic, cocaine soon began being used as a common household drug, as well as an ingredient in Coca-Cola and other drinks. It was classified as a Schedule II drug in 1970.

Is it Secure to Receive a Mail from You ?”

Yes! We will ship Cocaine to our people in your regions/countries, and they will resend your cocaine directly to you, inside your country. We take all risks with international mail and customs! You are insured.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

For security reasons, we ship via standard (ground/sea) postal service. It takes a little longer, but much safer for both parts.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept anonymous payments only via BitCoin  only, You can learn more about payment types here

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order

Please contact us. You cannot cancel or modify your order when the shipment has been done. We can correct delivery address only

1 – Choose your weight and product type (Colombian or Bolivian cocaine).  Click order now 2 – Fill in your shipping address, choose a payment method, and place an order.

3. Make a payment. Your order will be shipped within 5-10 hours. (we need some time to pack and send your cocaine)

Please contact us if you have any difficulties in placing your order

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes. We ship internationally and the delivery is absolutely free for Orders Above $740

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

US/Canada – 24 hours – 2  days   Europe/Asia/Pacific  – 3-7 days (It’s an average terms, usually it is faster)

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